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Why CompleClinical?

CompleClinical is a comprehensive eClinical solution for trial data management. From step one, CompleClinical is designed for seamless implementation, practical use and straightforward control by enabling rapid setup with existing applications and hardware. From capturing and validating, to sorting and reporting, CompleClinical software ensures your global site data are accurate, secure and available on-demand through a single point of access.

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Tired of juggling data logistics among multiple platforms? CompleClinical establishes one online platform to reduce the time, cost and risk involved with managing:

Electronic case report forms (eCRF)

Electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO)

Physiological device data

Laboratory data and radiological images

Clinical trial data reports

Don’t design your study to work with someone else’s software when CompleClinical has been designed to work for your study. From protocol design to data lock, CompleClinical can be tailored to your sites, project teams and data requirements to drive accelerated trial completion. Your trials happen in real time and so should your data entry and analysis — depend on CompleClinical for complete trials.

CompleClinical benefits include:

  • Scalable and flexible to adapt to trials of all scopes and sizes — our software works the way your program does
  • A single point of entry with one login
  • Access and control of universal data in real time with cloud-based storage
  • Multilingual support for clear communication of data input and retrieval
  • Compatibility with existing equipment and technologies, ensuring prompt startup and streamlined data capture
  • 24/7 live support by our team of U.S.-based, in-house help desk personnel via phone, email, chat or streaming

CompleClinical features include:

  • Simplified, user-defined monitoring, review and sign-off tools for investigators and high-level personnel
  • Capture, validation and reporting of all device and non-device data
  • Web-based and voice platforms to support instantaneous data capture from sites, subjects and personnel located anywhere
  • Support for steadfast compliance, patient randomization and accurate patient reported outcomes
  • Secure automated and manual data transmission options
  • Customizable alert options to notify you of predetermined events

Specialized data collection services include:

  • FeNO (Fraction of Exhaled Nitric Oxide)
  • Holter
  • Methacholine challenge
  • Exercise challenge
  • Spirometry: Forced Vital Capacity (FVC), Slow Vital Capacity (SVC), Inspiratory Capacity (IC), Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (MVV)
  • Spirometry challenge
  • Point-of-care lab data
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Radiological images
  • Digital height and weight
  • Blood pressure

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